Real Estate


I am a Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent in Massachusetts and assist and represent individuals in the Sale of their home and or Purchase of the their new home.  In this case dual agency is provided, meaning that comprehensive legal services as either Seller’s Attorney or Buyer’s Attorney are included as a part of commission.

I also represent both Buyers and Sellers in residential real estate transactions for purchase or sale. Representation begins once an offer for purchase has been accepted and includes drafting and negotiating the purchase and sales agreement, addressing and negotiating any issues that arise with inspection or during the walk through or closing, drafting deeds and other necessary legal documents including but not limited to affidavits and powers of attorney, and attending the closing. I will work with you as well as with the real estate agents (if applicable), mortgage brokers/loan officers and closing and other attorneys involved in the transaction to ensure both that your rights and interests are represented and protected and that the closing process runs as smooth and as efficient as possible.

Additional or separate individual legal services include mediation for lease/agreement disputes and condominium/trustee issues, and preparation and review of Deeds, Trusts, Trustee Certificates, Powers of Attorney, Purchase and sale Agreements, Lease Agreements and supplemental documents such as the mandatory Lead Paint Disclosure, Statement of Condition, Statement of and Receipt of Security Deposit, as well as Condominium documents.

Please call or email to inquire about flat rate fees available for each service.